Invitée dans Sailing For Geeks (S4G1), Helsinki, Finland.

1 point dans l'espace

1pt dans L’espace - ballonsonde#2

[...] "Scale, sail and balloon.. As sailing unfurled a route through the islands, the balloon constituted a point on the route, a breathing point, a point of performance, of balance, of view, a point on the map, the waypoint of this experiment.

webcam embarquée

The balloon deals with scale, and is scalable in relation to the weather conditions. Ballooning is about playing with natural elements and ballance.

The stratospheric balloon became a platform for streaming equipment. We made images shot by a web cam attached to the stratospheric balloon floating 20 meters high above the boat, the webcan streaming to the wifiserver on board our boat." NM.

Sailing For Geeks (S4G1) webcam